A Garden in Iowa!

At the beginning of September a couple of my family members and I went to Minnesota for a week and on our way we stopped at a place called Seed Savers, which is where all these pictures were taken.


Slight Heart Attack, and an Exciting Day!!

Today is an exciting day!  But, before we get to hear the exciting part, we first must hear about the not so exciting part where I had the slight heart attack. So let’s rewind a little bit back to April 2nd. **WARNING** This is all true!!!

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, oh wait!  Sorry………….not only in Mr. Roger’s  neighborhood, as I’m sure you were just thinking 😉, but my neighborhood as well.

On April 2nd, I was doing my math by the window where Watson would normally be sitting if the weather wasn’t perfect.  But today, the sun was shining, the sky was crystal clear, and the temperature was just right, so I put him outside!! 

And then, for some reason, instead of doing my math, my mind started to wonder.  I was thinking so much, and my brain, it thinked something I couldn’t believe it would think, and that’s when it happened…The heart attack!! 

To be honest, I’m not quite sure how to explain the moment when I had the heart attack. 

Although I am not really a writer, I want to tell you the best way that I know, how the heart attack happened. Oh my goodness, I am so embarrassed…….well here goes………

The heart attack happened because I thought I forgot Watsons birthday!  Yes, it is true!!

As I stood there in shock with my mouth wide open, my heart began to sink.  And it sank, and it sank!  It sank so low that I could feel a pit in my stomach.  Thankfully, it didn’t literally sink to the bottom of my stomach, because if it did, I would be dead right now and not able to finish this post.  

Anyway, I couldn’t believe that I would forget such a thing!   But wait!  

His birthday is today!  

So, will you all celebrate along with me, and sing Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Watson.