2018 in 3 Minutes

I FINALLY got to finish making a video of 2018 after a lot of interruptions, traveling, computer freezing mostly, and trying to find a song I like, that won’t get copyrighted…Hope you enjoy my 2018 in 3 minutes!

What was one of your biggest highlights last year?


Watson, The Game’s Afoot!

When it started to get cold, I brought Watson inside and placed him by our window that gets a ton of sun light. I had talked about building a green house for him, but even though our house can get pretty cold at night, he’s doing really good without one! So, no green house needed! 🙂

Funny story: My camera charger disappeared almost a year ago. Man, it was driving me crazy because I couldn’t take any pictures!!! So after hours and hours of searching with no luck, I finally decided to spend the $60 to buy a new one. A week after ordering the charger, it arrived and I took a ton of pictures. I was sooooooooo HAPPY!!!

Then……..when I was helping my mom pack some things up in boxes a couple days later, she had me go and get a little file box that we keep cards in that tell us what is in the boxes that we have in storage. As I walked into my Mom’s room, where the little file box sat at the very top of her desk, I climbed up and I grabbed the box. As I was moving the box, I saw that my old camera charger was sitting right there next to the box!! I couldn’t believe it! Who put it there?!? I had just gotten the new one and then I found the old one! Uhhhh!

Why does this ALWAYS seem to happen when we loose something?? We always find it after we’ve already replaced it!

Does this ever happen to anyone else?? Or is it just me and my family?

Watson’s First Fall!!!

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 10.06.24 PM

I haven’t done a Watson post recently because I didn’t realize how much he’s grown until I look at pictures from my last post.  And in my last post, he looks like a little baby compared to now!


I went outside to check on Watson and one of the animals decided to use him as a back scratcher or something, because they broke off two leaves!! *crying*


Now that it’s fall, I’m going to have to start thinking about making a greenhouse so Watson can live through the winter.

Would you want to see a post on me building a greenhouse?

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 6.47.48 PM